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Top 3 Tax Mistakes People Make

The start of a new year means the official start of tax season! While everyone seems to be an "expert" when it comes to taxes, it's easy to make simple mistakes that can cost you money. Here are the 3 most common mistakes people make when it comes to your taxes:

  1. Paying too much- Getting your taxes done shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Taxes should be reasonably priced. Some places add on extra unnecessary fees and products to your tax return like Tax Return Loans. Avoid these extra services that can eat away at your return.

  2. Not working with an experienced professional- Always work with a tax professional. Just because your cousin did their taxes on their own last year, doesn't mean they are qualified to properly handle your tax returns. From business expenses, to proper itemized deductions, an experienced professional is the only way to guarantee your taxes are done correctly the first time for the maximum return.

  3. Going at it alone- Not familiar with the new tax laws that went into effect? Not sure just how much you can deduct? Feeling stuck? Never feel like you have to go at your taxes alone. Taxes can be scary, but they don't have to be. Never feel like you have to go at it alone.

For questions or to make an appointment please call (661) 588-3560 or visit us at 9711 Holland Street in Bakersfield. Kern Tax Service is a local mother and daughter operated business that has been serving the Kern County community for over 30 years.

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