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Taylor Montague

Kern Tax Service can be relied on for professional results done in a timely manner. After having used a well advertised, multi office national tax service for several years, we decided to go to Kern Tax Service, and were very pleased with the one-on-one service that we received. Supporting small business and receiving five star care is a win-win situation.

J Stengel

This team is great! This year has been beyond crazy and before we knew it, we were in March. We called the team expecting to hear that they were slammed and unavailable to help.  Not the case, they were able to get us in, complete and file our taxes. We have worked with KTS in the past and every year it's the same outstanding service. I recommend them to everyone I talk to, including you if you're reading this. 

Kern Tax Service has done my taxes for the past few years and it was been a wonderful experience. I just got my tax paperwork organizer in the mail from them, which is always a big help to me. It was such a smooth and simple process, making tax time much less stressful. The staff was very professional and the office was clean and inviting. I recommend Kern Tax Service to anyone who needs their taxes done!

Dee Turk

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